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Australian made and designed drainage

Designbuild Solutions is a leading locally Australian owned Manufacturing business located in Melbourne . We attribute our reputation to the lasting customer relationships we have developed throughout the years, Designbuild Solutions believe that all of our customers deserve the highest level of service and we are committed to providing just that, all our products are proudly Australian made and meet and exceed all Australian standards we only use 316L Stainless steel which is Low Carbon Marine Grade a great sustainable alternative. Designbuild Solutions have the expertise to offer a variety of services to our clients we pride ourselves on being able to provide a solution for all applications we custom measure on site and liaise with our clients directly this gives us the opportunity to understand our clients needs promptly so that we can start the process of manufacture with very little down time. We produce a full range of  Stainless steel drainage products for the Building , Plumbing and associated industries including standard strip drains, floor wastes and custom made to order stainless products for all applications and also compliment our products with a market leading state of the art painting facility which also offers new technology.